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Posted by Drotar - December 3rd, 2019

Once upon a time there was a black and red egg. The egg hatch and a dragonet name drotar came out of it. Drotar looked around and saw a rat. He then jump in it without killing it and pick it up. Drotar toss it into his maw and swallows it whole. Drotars dad “Cato”  looked at him and gave him a friendly smile. (17 years later) Drotar was now 17 and is now a little insane. Drotar`s mom “Marilla”step in to Drotar`s room in the cave they all live in.

Marilla: Have you seen Jack your brother?

Drotar: Ummmm No i have not.

Then the sound of Jack`s voice came from Drotars beally.


Marilla: You eat him!?

Then Drotar pinned his mom to the ground.

Drotar: Yes and your next.

Then Drotar begin to shove his mom down his throat. Cato walk into the cave after hunting and saw his wife tale sticking out of Drotar`s maw. Then Drotar finnes swallowing his mom and looked at his dad with an evil smile.

Cato: Drotar what are you doing!?

Drotar: What I have been planning for the last 3 weeks and you are next up on the menu.

Cato: Your crazy!

Drotar: No I`m just very very hungry and i need to fill the tank. 

Drotar began to walk closer to his dad and Cato began to walk backwards to the cave exit.

Cato: Stay back you psycho don't get any closer!

Drotar: Ha ha ha ha.

Cato turned around and tried to run outside but Drotar grad Cato`s tail and pulled him in closer and angel Cato so he can swallow him head 1st

Cato: No Drotar pls don`t.

Drotar begin to eat his dad but when Cato half way down Drotar`s trough and his feet and tail hanging out of Drotar`s maw Cato said…

Cato: Way are you doing this!?

Then Drotar finish eating his dad.

Drotar: Because i`m hungary.

Then drotar laid down to take a nap. (8 hrs later) Drotar woke up  and puke up the skeletons of his family.



Posted by Drotar - December 3rd, 2019

Drotar woke up and walked outside. His stomach growl so he went hunting. 3hrs later Drotar spot a male human walking down a dirt road. Drotar followed him until they came upon a log cabin. Drotar was getting very hungry so tore open the roof and saw the man sitting in a chair. Drotar pick up the man and open his maw.

The man; please don't eat me.

Drotar; why not?

The man; because i can get you whatever you want.

Drotar; no i`m good

Then Drotar toss the man into his maw and swallow him. Drotar begin to walk home. After an hour of walking Drotar herd a stick brack and when Drotar turn around to see that it was he got pinned to the ground. When Drotar open his eyes he was looking in the eyes of VoreLord.

Drotar; WHAT!!! How is this possible? Your just a story my dad told me this can't be real! This has to be a dream I must be sleeping!

Vorelord; Well this is no dream. you are wide awake and this is all real.

Drotar; oh fuck no! SOMEONE PLS HELP!!!

Vorelord; there's  no one for miles. No one can hear you.

Drotar; oh shit!

Vorelord shift to a bigger size and pick up Drotar over his head. Vorelord begin to eat Drotar but befor Drotar could slide down Vorelord`s throat Drotar gravd hold of Vorelord`s tooth with his tail. Then after a while Vorelord bit down and Drotar let go of Vorelord`s tooth with a howl of pain. Drotar slid down Vorelord`s throat and into his billy.

Drotar; Pls let me out i'll do anything PLS!!!

Vorelord; No i`m good.

Drotar; NOOOOOO!!!

             THE END


Posted by Drotar - October 17th, 2019

(In the year 1967 a mother name Marilla Helms give birth to a little boy. She her husband “Cato Helms” decided to give there baby boy a name.)

Cato: What should we name him?

Marilla: His name is going to be Drotar, Drotar Helms.

(It was now 1979 and Drotar was now 12.)

Cato: Ok Drotar today we start your battle training.

Drotar: Aw man do we have to?

Cato: Yes.

Drotar: Why can’t I have fun like the other kids?

Cato: Because you have to train.

Drotar: That's not fair!

Cato: Life not fair. Now pick up that stick and come at me.

(Drotar trained for 3 years. The year was now 1982 and Drotar was now 15 and his mom and dad were murdered by a assassin name Voss and Drotar swar that he will get his revenge. So Drotar did as much research as he can on that assassin and found out that he lives in the woods nearby and the skills on this assassin  was incrabel. Drotar went to a battle arts master name Kujo on the far side of town.)

Drotar: Hello anyone here?

Kujo: Hello there little boy.

Drotar: Oh hi. I need training can you help me?

Kujo: Sure, what's your name?

Drotar: my name is Drotar Helms.

Kujo: Well it's nice to meet you Drotar, my name is Kujo. before we start training I need to know your skills,  come at me with all your might.

(Then Drotar picked up a pole and fought Kujo for a good long hour.)

Kujo: You got some skills.

(Drotar was out of breath.) 

Drotar: Thanks

Kujo: I will help you but it will cost you 5 gold coins.

Drotar: Ok

(Drotar pulled out a small bag and took 5 gold coins from it and give them to Kujo.) 

Kujo: We began tomorrow when the sun is highest.

Drotar: Yes sir.

(It has been 5 months and Drotar learned how to use his fist, feet, stafs, blades, and even guns. He also learned the fact that anything can be a weapon.)

Kujo: This is your last test, you have to beat me in a fight only using what I teach you.

Drotar: Got it.

(Drotar pick up a staff and and got ready to fight.)

Kujo: you Ready?

Drotar: Ya let's do it!

(Drotar and Kujo begin to fight. Kujo land the 1st punch on Drotar’s gut. Drotar step back gasping for air then Drotar use his staff to to sweep Kujo legs making him neel and then kick him in the chest making Kujo fly back into the wall. Kujo got back up and Drotar took another swing at him with the staff but Kujo cach it and took the staff from Drotar and swing it back at Drotar making the staff break over Drotar’s head. Drotar then threw something that Kujo. but he doge it and Drotar tackle him and took the sword off Kujo’s back and swing it that him but stop before it hit him and Kujo smile.)

Kujo: You have won.

Drotar: So i passed the test?

Kujo: Yes and you are now a master.

Drotar: Finally

(The 1st thing Drotar did was whent to voss’s cave were he live. But a boy a year older then Drotar stop him.)

The boy: WAIT!!! 

Drotar: What?

The boy: Can i come with you? I can help.

Drotar: Sure I need all the help I can get. What's your name?

The boy: my name is John Roben

Drotar: Well it's nice to meet you, John I'm Drotar.

(Then John and Drotar went to the cave were voss live and hide in the top of a tree.)

Drotar: Ok i’m going to warn you now this guy is an assassin so be careful.

John: You don't have to worry about me.

Drotar: I hope so.

John: Hay Drotar can you keep a secret?

Drotar: Ya.

John: OK good.

(Then John took his ring off and slid it down a slot on something on his risk and there was a flash of light and John was now a blue and grey badger.) 

Drotar: WHAT THE!!!

John: When i’m am in this form you call me Shadrok.

Drotar: Ummm ok.

(Drotar and John *AKA Shadrok*  saw Voss so they jump down and scared him.) 

Voss: What the who are you and what is that thing!?

Drotar: I’m Drotar and this is shadrok and we are here to kill you .

(Then drotar pulled out a 44 mag and aim it at Voss but Voss kick it out of his hand and shadrok cout it and shot Voss in the arm.)

Voss: Pls mercy!

Drotar: you didn't give my parents mercy.

(then Drotar chop off Voss’s head)


                       THE END

Posted by Drotar - October 2nd, 2019


Posted by Drotar - August 23rd, 2019